“It’s Not How You Are, It’s How Good You Want To Be.” I kept hearing these words over and over as I tuned into my motivational speech compilation play-list. So when I saw this book on the shelves I literally leaped for it, beaming with excitement. I absolutely must have it! I remember thinking.

 This is generally a handbook on how to succeed in life. It was written by the advertising guru, Paul Arden, and first published in 2003. With only 127 pages, this book has great potential to motivate anyone to change their personal and business lives for the better.

I found some great quotes, some to become my mantras. I will point out five different life lessons, I picked up from this book, that anyone can start applying today. I’ll share these and give my thoughts below.

  1. “You’re vision of where you want to be, is the greatest asset you have.” Before doing anything, you must decide what it is that you want to do, and where it is that you want to go. By doing so you not only set yourself up to achieve your goals; but you protect yourself from winding up where you don’t want to be, doing what don’t want to be doing.
  2. “Do not seek praise, seek criticism.” We all tend to look for approval from others for most things we do. Yes, it feels good to get a pat on the back for a job well done; but what we don’t realize is that the best feedback in life is on what you are doing wrong. This is for two reasons. It gives you the opportunity to correct your mistakes, producing an even better piece of work. It also gives the affirmation you so desperately need; by finding fault in criticism you give yourself the confidence to believe in yourself.
  3. “If you ask the right question, you get the right answer.” A personal favorite of mine, because it’s quite true. Too often we fail to get what we want because we are asking the wrong questions. Questions trigger creative ideas, solutions and results. They can open doors, you never even knew where there, enabling you to excel.
  4. “To be original, seek your inspirations from unexpected sources” and by staying “…true to your subject…you will be more likely to be timeless.” These quotes talk about originality and being true to yourself. Don’t try to imitate others, their lives, the way they run their businesses. Yes, use them for inspiration but only to build something better and unique to you. You cannot fail in being yourself, can you?
  5. “Fail, Fail Again and Fail Better.”— Samuel Beckett. Do not be afraid to fail, it’s the only way to learn. Learn from your mistakes, use them to devise better ways to produce even better results the next time around.

The art to master is to never stop questioning. How can I better myself; my life; my mind-set; my wor; my situation?


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